Live Baccarat

If you are a fan of playing Baccarat then how about giving the live Baccarat game a try which is available right now to play over at one of our top rated and much respected live casinos, the site in question is GuruPlay Casino who are at the forefront of online gambling and have plenty of games available to play in this brand new live format. If you have never played a live casino game then you are in for a real treat and below we have put together a guide to allow you to get your head around how live Baccarat works and operates.

A live Baccarat site such as GuruPlay Casino allows you to sit down and play this popular casino card game in a similar fashion to a standard online casino, however there is one major difference and that is instead of playing on a software driven, random number generator controlled game you are playing against a real casino where real live dealers deal out the cards right in front of you and you can keep track of everything that is happening around the Baccarat table via a live video stream.

Live streaming has come a long way over the passed few years and it is mainly due to the fact that we all enjoy much faster internet connections which allows for these live games to be brought into the twenty first century, live casino gambling is nothing new there were one or two of them available when online casinos first came online, however as most people only have dial up internet connections available in those days the quality of the video stream was very poor and live casinos never became popular in those early days for that reason and that reason alone.

However with faster internet connections and due to the fact that many land based, and highly trusted gambling companies have now launched their very own live casinos the sense of trust given to plays due to these well run operation providing their own gambling sites means that players can be confident that they are always receiving a fair and honest game, something which previously they could never be one hundred percentage sure that they were getting.

Playing Baccarat via a live casino can be much more fun and entertaining than at a software driven casino due to the fact that you will also be able to fully interact with not only your fellow players but also the casino staff and the baccarat dealers, as not only can you see everything play out directly in front of you via the live broadcast but you can also launch the sites chat room software which will enable you to chat to everyone else who is playing at that time or even have some fun with the dealers!

If you have never played live Baccarat or indeed any form of Baccarat then below we have put togther a quick round up of how the game is played, and as you are about to discover it is very easy to understand and play and it will take you just a couple of minutes to get your head around the game and in no time at all you will be playing like the best of them!

Playing Baccarat

The casino game of Baccarat is a card game, and before the game begins you need to decide on one of three possible outcomes for that particular game which you are about to play. These three betting propositions are either a Draw (often referred too as a Tie), the Bankers Hand or the Players Hand.

Once you have made your mind up on which hand you think is going to win then all you need to do is to place your chips to the value of the bet that you wish to make onto the table layout, when playing at GuruPlay Casino this is done by you pointing your mouse onto one of the betting boxes and clicking your chips onto the betting box.

Once you and all of your fellow players have made their betting decisions the dealer will then set the game in to play, you will not be able to place any more wagers onto the Baccarat table once the game has begun.

The dealer will then start to deal out the cards to the two hands, those being the Bankers hand and the Players hand, the aim of the game is simply to get a close a score to a total a nine as possible, and in the game of Baccarat the Ten valued cards are worth zero with all other cards being their face value, an Ace is one, A seven is worth seven etc.

Each hand is dealt two cards each and there are certain times when an additional card will be dealt to one of both hands, after the dealer has finished dealing as per the game play rules each hand is totalled up and the highest hand is deemed to be the winning one.

Should both hands be of the same value then the outcome of that game is a Tie or a Draw, and as such the winning bet will be paid to those players who have placed a Tie wager. The payouts given for a winning Bankers hand is even money as is a winning Players hand however when you win on the Bankers hand you have to pay a 5% house commission. The payout given for a winning Tie hand will vary from live casino to live casino so make sure you checkout what this bet is offering by way of return on this wager as they can and do vary, the higher the payout the lower the house edge is.

If you fancy giving the game of live Baccarat a try then make sure you checkout the GuruPlay Casino website as currently they are offering a not to be missed welcome bonus that will give your initial deposit a massive boost and give you even more ammunition to play any of their live casino games with.

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