Live Blackjack Bets and Payouts

Castle Casino is just one of our top rated online live Blackjack sites where thanks to modern technology you can play against real life dealers and with for real all from the comfort of your own home, in fact if you have a wireless internet connect then you could in fact play live Blackjack anywhere in the world! Not everyone has played Blackjack before so if you are an old professional then this section may not be of interest to you, however if you are new to playing Blackjack either online or offline then you may find this section of our website valuable at here we will enlighten you to all their is to know about playing Blackjack in terms of the wagers you can make, the payouts offered and the many different betting decisions you will have to make.

The first thing to point out when playing live Blackjack is that you can set the stake levels you are playing each hand for yourself, you will find both a minimum and maximum permitted stake sign on each live blackjack table and as long as your wager falls in between these two amounts then you are good to go.

To place a wager simply point and click your chip or chips in the betting box directly in front of you on the live blackjack table layout and once all the other players have placed their wager then the dealer will start to deal out the cards, each player will get two cards dealt to them and they are dealt out face upwards, the dealer then deals him or herself one face up card and then each player will have to take it in turn to decide how they wish to play their hand.

Stand - If you decide to stand your hand then you will simply be happy with the two cards you have been dealt and will not be dealt any additional playing cards, to stand simply click on the stand button when it is your turn to make a decision, the dealer will then move onto the next player.

Double Down - If you want to get dealt another playing card and if the game play rules allow you to do just that then one way you can do that is by doubling down, here you will need to place another wager onto the table layout which has to be an equal amount than that of your initial stake for that game, once you have placed this double down wager you will be dealt that additional card.

Hit - When you hit your hand you are being dealt an additional card from the dealer to your hand, however unlike the double down wager above you will not be charged anything for hitting your hand, and therefore you can keep hitting until you are satisfied with the value of your hand, but be careful as you may bust out your hand if you hit and the value of it goes over a total of twenty one!

Split - Some live Blackjack games will let you split your hand when you have been dealt a pair or two cards of the same value such as ten and a queen etc, when you split a hand your initial two cards are moved apart and these are then classed as two new hands with an additional card being dealt to each one, when you split a hand you need to place a new wager equal to your initial wager onto the table to cover this new hand, sometimes you can keep on splitting a hand but more often than not if you have been dealt a pair of aces then only one card will be dealt to each of them and they can never be re-split.

Surrender - Some live blackjack games will let you surrender your hand when you feel it has no chance of winning, when you surrender your hand you are effectively giving the hand up and will not be able to play it any more, as a reward for giving up your hand you will be given back half of your initial stake, so when faced with a potentially unbeatable dealers hand this surrender options is a good one.

Insurance - When the dealer could possibly have a Blackjack hand he or she will offer you what is known as an insurance wager, here you can place a wager which must be half the value as your initial wager made on that particular hand of blackjack and if the dealer ends up having a blackjack hand which is any ten valued card and an ace then you get paid out at winning odds of 2 to 1.

Winning Odds and Payouts

There are only a few winning payouts you need to concern yourself with when you are playing a live Blackjack game and these are listed below for you so have a quick read through them and you will then be aware of what you can and will receive when you hit ceratin winning hands.

Non Blackjack Hands - If you have a winning hand then you receive a payout worth even money of your staked amount, so if you have wagered 5.00 and your hand wins you will get a payout of 10.00.

Blackjack Hand - If you are dealt a blackjack hand which is any ten card and an ace an the dealer doesn't have a blackjack hand then you will get a payout which is worth 3 to 2 of your staked amount so if you have bet 2.00 then you will get 5.00 back if you win.

Insurance Bet - As mentioned above if you have placed and accepted the Insurance wager and it wins then you get a payout worth 2 to 1 of your staked amount which has to be exactly half of your initial staked amount so if your insurance wager is 5.00 and it wins then you will get back 15.00

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