Live Blackjack

When it comes to playing any time of Blackjack game the best and most popular site to do just that has to be Genting Casino. As one of the worlds biggest gambling companies they offer everything a Blackjack player could need via both their many land based casinos and their online gambling sites which are famed for their large selection of games, their excellent player promotions and more importantly their extremely quick payouts.

Gentings live casino runs alongside their software driven online casino, the two Blackjack games which are offered in a live format are their standard Blackjack game which is their most popular one thanks to its liberal game play rules, and they have just launched their second variant which is their Blackjack Unlimited version, the main difference between the two is that the second one has been specifically developed to allow and unlimited number of players to join in each game!

If you have never played at an online live casino before then you are in for a real treat as it is just like playing in a land based casino, in fact that is exactly what you will be doing, however without the need to be physically sitting in the venue as you are playing completely remotely from where ever you are at the time you log in, and that place could be your front room, bedroom or even sat in the garden enjoying the sun if you have a wireless connection!

To take part and enjoy Gentings live casino you first have to sign up and become a member, doing this is quite simple you first nee to get yourself over to their website and click on the live casino button and then follow the links for the sign up page. Once there simply complete the online form, make sure you have entered all of your personal detail as these are used by the casinos security department to ensure you are who you say you are and also that you are of a legal age to gamble from your jurisdiction!

Once you have signed up and got yourself a user name and allocated yourself a password then you are ready to log into the live casino, so do that and then you will be able to both see and play any of their live casino games which are displayed in the games menu, obviously you are free to sample the delights of live Blackjack in free play mode however for the ultimate gambling experience you should be playing in real money where the winnings are yours to keep, and to do this you will of course have to make a deposit into the casino to get some funds into your live Genting's casino account.

To make depositing as easy and as hassle free as humanly possible the team over at Genting Casino have put in place many different types of deposit methods, the most popular way to deposit is to use a debit card, as by using this method you can instantly transfer funds into your live casino account and also it offers a rapid way for you to get your winnings sent straight back to your bank account. The Genting Casino is famed for their very fast payouts which ensures you are kept happy and will return to them as a trusted brand.

You do not have to deposit using a debit card should you not wish as they also accept credit cards, e-wallet type gambling accounts such as Skrill and Neteller as well as pre paid vouchers which can be purchased from local shops, these include the Ukash voucher and the Pay Safe Card vouchers. Which ever method you choose the deposits are instantly credited to your casino account along with any bonuses that you may have claimed.

Should you have claimed a bonus please ensure that you know the rules and terms and conditions of them before you start to play as they will have play through requirements attached to them which much be adhered too before you will be able to make a withdrawal.

Should you fancy playing some different types of Blackjack games then your live casino log in will also work on their fully downloadable software driven casino, and this has even more different variants of Blackjack available, one of them is the exciting must play game of Blackjack switch that allows you to swap cards from one hand to another in the hope of improving your chances of winning on one or both of the two hands you will be playing on each game played.

Playing Blackjack

The aim of any game of Blackjack is a simple one, both yourself and the dealer are dealt one hand and you are tasked with trying to get a stronger hand than the dealers, all of the cards in a standard game of Blackjack are worth their face values with all of the picture cards being worth ten and the ace being worth either one or eleven.

The maximum score you can make is twenty one, anything higher than this will result in you or the dealer busting and therefore losing that particular game. The person either the dealer of player who manages to finish the game with the highest valued hand without going over twenty one will be deemed to be the winner.

A winning standard blackjack hand is worth a payout of even money, a winning blackjack hand which is any ten valued card and an ace is, when not matched by either the dealer or the player worth a payout of 3 to 2. Should you take the insurance wager which is when you are betting that the dealer is holding a blackjack hand and you then have a successful insurance wager by virtue of the dealer indeed having a blackjack hand then the payout for this wager is two to one. However the insurance wager is a poor bet to make for the player as it has a huge house edge, and whenever you get offered it you should decline it!

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