Live Casino UK

With online casinos, mobile casinos and now live casinos it can be very confusing for a player who is thinking of moving their gambling action from landbased casinos into one of these new environments, and in this section of our website we will present to you the facts and figures along with the benefits of playing at a live online casino in the hope it will explain the differences between them all.

In basic terms a live casino is exactly what is says on the tin, that is you are playing for all intents and purposes at a real land based bricks and mortar casino, however you can be sat anywhere in the world as they use a live video stream from the casino to allow you to view the action and place your wager remotely via the internet.

The idea behind a live casino is quite simple and that is to instill more trust between a players and the casino, with online casinos being software driven, using both computer graphics and a random number generator to produce the results of each spin of the slot reels, roll of the dice or the way a deck of cards has been dealt, many players often feel that these online casinos could be rigged or fixed to produce the result the casino wants and not the player.

So by designing a live casino where a player sits at home watching a crystal clear live video broadcast from the casino where a real dealer dealers out the cards or a real life croupier spin the roulette wheel it is hoped that player get to completely trust the gambling action as both fair and honest as they can see everything play out directly in front of them.

Live casinos also have a chat facility where it is possible for players to chat to one another and also interact with the dealers and/or croupiers, this again bring their online gambling to live and makes it a less solitary experience than playing at a software driven casino.

The technology used in a live casino is not really that new, there were live casinos in the mid to late 1990's, however due to internet speeds being much slower in those days and the technology used was rather pre-historic in those days to say the least those live casinos didn't survive, however as technology has improved and internet speeds have increased todays live casinos offer much better graphics and this makes playing at a live online casino a much more fun and enjoyable experience.

Top Five Live Online Casinos

With the number of live online casinos growing almost weekly, finding a good one can be difficult unless of course you try out each one individually, which will obviously take you quite some time, to save you time and effort we have put all of those sites which offer live gambling to the test for you and are happy to present the top five live online casinos below, each one has passed our stringent requirements in terms of games, fast payouts and quality of service.

Lucky Live Casino This is a very popular live casino which broadcasts from the most respected land based casino in Dublin, in Ireland, plenty of live casino action awaits you and with friendly dealers and croupiers you should have plenty of fun and game, checkout their website for details of a very generous welcome bonus offer or read more about them in our Lucky Live Casino Review

Celtic Casino This live casino really is making a name for itself, the team behind it have years of experience in the online and land based gambling worlds and as such they have launched a brilliant site which offers non stop gambling 24 hours a day, find out what else they have to offer both new and returning players in our Lucky Live Casino Review

Super Casino This live online casino is one of the best known ones in the UK, this is due to them being broadcast live on Channel Five each night, you can play online or via your phone and watch the action, live, at is happens on your television or via the web, we have checked them out in detail and the results can be found in our Super Casino Review

Castle Casino Although Castle Casino only launched in 2010 they have become a great place at which to play thanks to their in house team who always go that extra mile to ensure everyone has a great online gambling experience, checkout their website for details of some not to be missed offers or get yourself over to our Castle Casino Review

Genting Casino The do not really need an introduction, as one of the worlds biggest and most respected land based gambling companies you may have seen many bricks and mortar casinos bearing their name, they now have a fully functional live online casino and would love to see you sign up as their next new player, learn more about this top of the range venue in our Genting Casino Review

Live Casino Games

Whilst the number of games available in a live online casino is not going to overwhelm you, those that are on offer are some of the most popular ones around, the main one being live roulette, should you be looking to play live roulette then make sure that the casino at which you are thinking of playing is offering the European version and not the American version. The reason for this is that the American variants has two zeros in play on the wheel and as the straight up number wager pays 35 to 1 just like the European roulette game you are getting a poor chance of winning on this American version as the European version has just one zero and that means it has a lower house edge, so stick to the European roulette game for a better chance of winning!

Live Blackjack is another popular game as many online blackjack players hate playing against a software driven deck of decks, they much prefer being able to see the cards being shuffled and also being able to see the dealer deal out each card one at a time.

Another popular live casino game is Baccarat and this is now available to play in the majority of our featured live online casinos, all you need to do is to decide whether you think the game will end in a draw, or the bankers hand or the dealers hand will win, then place your wager on the table and watch as the live dealer does her stuff!

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