Live Dealer Casino

It may come as a surprise to you to realize that when you stumble across a live casino such as Super Casino the live dealers you see when you watch the video stream of any of the casino games in action are all fully trained and licensed staff, this casino also broadcasts live on the UK's Channel 5 and when you watch you will see that the presenter will cut live to the casino table when the game is about to start and hand the proceeding over to the live dealer, this is due to the dealer being a fully trained casino employee and it is by law that he or she must spin the roulette wheel, or deal out the playing cards if you are playing blackjack or baccarat.

At first glance you may think that being a live dealer is an easy job, I mean how hard is it to spin a roulette wheel or deal out some playing cards, but there is a lot more to being a dealer or croupier than just smiling at the camera and performing the wheel spin and dealing out the cards.

All live casino dealers are trained just like a land based dealer they must know the game play rules inside out and also know the correct payouts of each and every betting proposition on the casino game they are working on, however the main difference with a land based casino is you will receive your winning chips directly to yourself from the dealer, and when playing online at a live casino your winning chips are automatically added to your casino balance.

In fact some live casinos use real tables which are being used by real people in the casino and you are playing alongside these players, the only difference is that you are sat at home possibly with your feet up and the casino player is physically in the land based venue.

It is often worth remember that live casino dealers are real people and as such you should always acknowledge them with a hello or some light hearted banter when playing, you can do this by talking to them directly via the chat facility which is available in all of our featured live casinos, it won't kill you to say hi or good evening etc and who knows it could be the start of a lucky session!

Where To Find Live Dealers

Below are just some of our featured and highly recommended live casino sites, you will find, real, live dealers at each and every one of them and if you have never played at any site listed below then do not forget that as a new player there are some rich pickings to be had by taking full advantage of their new player welcome bonus offer which can often massively increase your bankroll via these bonus offers, so make sure you visit each sites website for more details of what you can expect by way of their welcome bonus offers.

Lucky Live Casino You are going to find plenty of live dealers in this top of the range live casino, and as it is based in a real live land based casino the live blackjack dealers are very experienced and can be relied on to help you get a fully rounded live casino gambling experience. The blackjack game on offer has very liberal game play rules and as such you should get plenty of action from your gambling budget, make sure you read through their blackjack rules before you start to play and you will see for yourself just how good a game it really is, and the rules mean that it is one of the lowest house edge blackjack games found anywhere online and that could be the key to plenty of winning blackjack sessions, find out more about what they have to offer you by taking a quick look at our Lucky Live Casino Review

Celtic Casino This casino prides itself on its friendly live dealers, and one game which stands out from all the others on offer at this state of the art live casino is their Baccarat game, this is one of the more volatile yet slow paced casino games, where you can soon find yourself on a lucky long winning streak, that is if those playing cards dealt by the friendly live dealer start to fall your way. They are offering plenty of little extra by way of bonuses to both new and existing players, and if you are looking to play Baccarat online then you will be hard pressed to find a better site than this one, learn more about them by getting yourself over to our in depth and well worth reading Lucky Live Casino Review

Super Casino The most played casino game at this excellently run and operated live casino is their Roulette game, and as the dealers are known as croupiers in the game of roulette those croupiers you will find spinning the wheel are a great bunch, as this live casino also broadcasts live on the television their croupiers are full of witty banter and can always be relied on to bring a smile to your face, they are fully trained and this ensures the game are fast paced and enjoyable. They have currently got some excellent value for money bonus offers available to new players so make sure you visit their website one day soon to see what you can bag by way of these welcome offers, and for more details and information about them take a quick peep at our in depth and informative Super Casino Review

Genting Casino You may recognise some of the dealers that you will see if you give this live casino a try as they are real land based casino dealers who have previously or still do work in land based casinos, plenty of live action is available 24 hours a day and they would be more than happy to see you become their next new player, for additional information on this site and to see what bonuses are on offer why not checkout our Genting Casino Review

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