Play Live Keno Games

One of the most relaxed casino games to play is the game of live Keno, you will soon discover that the game offers you plenty of winning chances and one site that we can highly recommend should you be thinking of playing this very easy to learn and play casino game is over at the stylish and very highly regarded Circus Casino, who apart from owning and operating online gambling sites they also run, own and operate a huge number of physical land based, bricks and mortar casinos, so you are in very safe and trusted hands should you decide to give any of their live and software driven casino games a try.

The live casino game of Keno can be found with in their fully downloadable casino software and to get online and playing simply visit their website and click on the download icon, the software will then begin to load and in a few minutes the download will be complete and you will be prompted to sign up as a new player, simply fill in your personal details on the registration form then you will be given a unique user name and password and will be prompted to register your own unique nick name which will be used every time you are playing with in the casino, try and choose something apt!

Once you have done all of the above you will then be given to options on how to log into the casino, you may prefer to put their live Keno games through its paces at no risk to your own funds, and if this is something you wish to do, and if you have never played Keno before then it is something we strongly suggest you do before playing for real money then simply click to log in via the free play mode log in, here you can play for as long as you want too without the need to make a real money purchase.

However should you wish to play live Keno straight away fro real money then that is how you should lo into the Circus Casino as, a real money player. Once you log in you will be prompted to visit the cashiers interface and here you will be given several different ways of making a deposit into your account, should you be a new player of Circus Casino then you will also be offered the chance to claim an instant casino bonus on this initial purchase, if you want to accept it them click OK or the accept button and that free casino cash bonus is instantly added to your casino account, and at the current time all Keno play is permitted to be used with their welcome bonus offer, however ensure you read through the terms and conditions of this bonus in case this changes!

There are a few different varieties of Keno available at Circus Casino, so once you log in look out for them, some of the are under the arcade games tab in the games menu, so do indeed check each of them out to see what different types of Keno game are offered, one thing is for certain the payout percentages and winning potential on each of their Keno game is huge and this means plenty of fun and entertainment value can be got from each and every live Keno game available at Circus Casino.

Playing Keno

The first thing you need to know about Keno is that the stake levels are fully adjustable by you the player so once you first launch the live Keno game the first decision you need to make is just how much you wish to play each and every game you play for, try and pick a stake level that both you and your gambling budget can easily afford as you will soon discover that even by playing live Keno for modest stakes the chances of a huge jackpot win can be achieved.

The game of Keno is simply a numbers picking game, and this revolves around a Keno drum which has 80 numbered balls inside it, these are obviously numbered from one to eighty and during each live Keno game twenty of these numbers will be drawn out of the Keno drum.

The idea is for you to choose firstly the stake levels you wish to play each game for then choose how many numbers you are going to predict to be drawn from the Keno drum and what you think these numbers will be.

You simply need to point and click on the Keno card your chosen numbers, and you can choose from two to ten different numbers which are numbered from one to eighty, once you have chosen your lucky numbers simply click the start button and the Keno drum will spring into life and will then fire out twenty numbers, as the numbers are drawn out should you have chosen any of them on your Keno card the software will automatically mark them off your card for you, and should you match enough numbers as per the Keno games pay table then your stake will be multiplied by that amount.

The payouts will and do vary depending on exactly how many numbers you have chosen on your Keno card and how many you have match, but let us say you pick ten different numbers on your Keno card then as long as you manage to match at least five of them drawn out of the Keno drum you will receive a winning payout.

Pick ten numbers and match five of them and you receive a payout worth x5 your staked amount, get six numbers correct and your payout will rise to x24 your staked amount, the more numbers you match the higher and higher the payout will become, with the payout for matching 7 numbers being 142 times your staked amount, eight matched numbers gets you a payout which is worth a huge x4500 your staked amount and if you manage to pick ten numbers and match them all with any of the twenty which have been drawn out of the Keno drum then it is big money payout time as you will win a payout worth 10,000 times your staked amount, and this proves very large winnings can be won for even the most modest stake levels!

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