Live Roulette

When it comes to playing live roulette the number one site at which you should play has to be Super Casino, the reason we say this is that they are a major gambling company who not only broadcast live on the internet via their live casino but you can also keep track of what is happening by tuning in and watching them on your television, they broadcast live throughout the night on both Channel 5 and on Sky so if you want to play some roulette with real live croupiers then this is the site we highly recommend.

The first question people often ask should they have never played at a live roulette site before is how exactly does it all work, well the answer is several fold and to give you a better idea of how to play live roulette we have compiled a step by step guide below which should guide you through the entire process and by the time you have read it you should be more than confident to actually give it some play time for real, so get comfy, grab a coffee and we will begin!

Once you land on the Super Casino website you will need to register to become a real money player, simply click on the register tab and fill in the online form, it is very important that all of the information you supply is correct and valid as this will be used to verify both your age and also to send your winnings back to you when you win so what ever you do make you you fill in it completely and accurately!.

Once you have registered as a new player you will be allocated a user name and a password which is needed to access the site and log in, please be aware that this information is known only to you and you should treat it like you would you bank cards PIN number, so memorise the information.

You will now need to log into the live casino, so do just that and then you will be inside the live casino itself and all parts of it will become accessible, to be able to play for real money you will of course need to transfer some funds directly into your Super Casino account, you can use your credit or debit cards to do just that or you may prefer to use one of the many different e-wallet type accounts that Super Casino accept.

Simply click on the cashier button and choose which method you would like to use, and fill in the deposit form, once you click OK or deposit the funds will instantly be transferred from your chosen method and placed instantly into your Super Casino account, any bonus you may have claimed will also be instantly credited into your account once they deposit has been processed, all transactions are made using a secure and encrypted connection which ensures you get maximum security when making a deposit into Super Casino.

Playing Live Roulette

Once you have made your deposit you then have to choose which live roulette game you wish to play, simply choose the game you fancy playing from those in the game menu and then that game will launch onto your screen.

Once the game loads you will see the roulette table layout in front of you and also the live video stream, there is also a small chat room box and this is where you can type any messages to either the live roulette croupier or any of your fellow players.

You can only place chips onto the roulette table layout when the game is not in play, meaning you can only wager when the croupier says place your bets please, you can keep on placing wagers up to the point in the game where the croupier says no more bets and waves his or her hand across the table, the software used in Super Casino will not allow you to place chips onto the layout at the wrong times, so do not worry as you won't make any mistakes!

Once the dealer has set the ball in motion and announced no more bets, then all you have to do is to sit back and watch the ball spin around the wheel and finally come to a rest, once the ball stops and lands on one of the numbers then the live roulette croupier will announce the winning number and all winning players will be paid, with losing ones having their chips removed from the layout, should you have made a winning wager then your winnings will be automatically and instantly be added to your Super Casino account balance.

If you have had a winning session and you wish to call it a day then simply close the love roulette window and then return to the main menu part of the site, here you can then click on the cashiers button and instead of making a deposit you can withdraw your winnings, when you wish to make a withdrawal you must first ensure that you have play through your deposit and or bonus (should you have been playing with a bonus) the required amount of times.

If you have not been playing with any form of casino bonus then you are free to make a withdrawal at any time without having to play through your money a certain number of times!

Simply choose how much you wish to withdraw and also how you wish to get paid your winnings, there are plenty of withdrawal methods available at Super Casino so finding one that is suitable to yourself will be easy. The most popular way to make a withdrawal is by using a debit card, if you made a deposit using such a card then you can have your money sent straight back to this card, and as the banking rules and regulations recently changed to the benefit of bank customers this means all winnings sent back to a debit card are processed rapidly with many players reporting they appear back in their bank account often within a few hours or no more than a day!

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