Live Casino Deposit with Neteller and Credit Card

You have plenty of varied ways to make a deposit into any of our featured live casinos and to give you an idea of what these are we have compiled the listing below along with a brief description of each deposit method, please be aware that some casinos may not offer them all so it will be worth you checking the website of any live casino just to double check they do indeed accept the method which you are wanting to use.

Mastercard Pre Paid Card - One of the latest ways players can deposit into a live casino is by using a pre paid Mastercard, the beauty of using one of these is that you can never put temptation in your way as you can only ever spend what you have loaded onto the card, when it comes to making a withdrawal when you have made a prepaid Mastercard to deposit you will be able to withdraw your winnings by any of the available methods at that particular casino, check the website at the respective casino you are thinking of playing at for a full definitive list of withdrawal methods.

Visa Prepaid Card - A prepaid visa card is very similar to the prepaid Mastercard mentioned above, however it is sometimes possible to have your winnings credited back to the card which means you can keep all of your gambling funds in one safe place and can then use the card to withdraw funds from any ATM machine or spend them in any shop displaying the visa logo.

Visa Debit Card - The majority of UK banks issue their clients and customers with a visa debit card, and thanks to recent changes to the time limits for crediting refund back to the card means that if you use a visa card to withdraw your winning back too then you will see them reflected back in your bank account in a few hours and usually no later than a day later, so for really rapid payouts you should consider using your visa debit card.

Visa Credit Card - Another popular way to deposit funds into your live casino account is by using your visa credit card, however it should be pointed out that many banks will now class a gambling transaction to be a cash advance and therefore they are likely to charge you a transaction fee when you use it to transfer money into a live casino, so you are best checking with your credit card provider to see if there are any fees with using your visa credit card as a way to fund your gambling.

Entro Pay - This is what is known as a virtual debit card provider, if you do not want to keep on providing your debit card details at several online and live casino sites then sign up to Entro pay, fund your Entropay account and they will then issue you with a one off visa card number, which you can then use to fund your live casino account, and once used you simply destroy the virtual credit card number.

Money Bookers/Skrill - Moneybookers have recently had a bit of a makeover and have given themselves the name Skrill, they offer an online e-wallet type account that lets you keep all of your gambling bankroll in one place, you can use your Skrill account to not only fund your live and online casino accounts but you can also have your winnings sent back to it and then recycle the funds in other sites or get your cash sent back to your bank account.

EcoCard- This is another e-wallet type account that will let you send money into and transfer money out of any live casino displaying the Eco Car logo, not one of the most commonly used ones however due to their rather large fees for processing, but if you are stuck for an e-wallet to use then they offer good and reliable service.

Click2Pay- One of the least used e-wallet type accounts, but one which is very reliable and allows you to fund your online gambling from one place, it will take a few days for your withdrawals to reach your Click2Pay account so unless you are very patient of do not mind waiting for your winnings then there are much better options available elsewhere.

Ukash - This is one of the brand new ways for you to fund your online gambling and offers a completely reliable and good way for you to strictly control your bankroll. You can only purchase Ukash vouchers at shops and store which display either the Pay Point or Pay Zone logo and you simply ask the shop assistant to print you off a voucher to the amount you want, hand over your cash and they will then print off a voucher which has a 19 digit unit code on it, then you can simply log into the live casino and launch the cashiers page, then all you have to do next is to enter the 19 digit code along with the amount of the voucher and then click OK and in seconds your money will be in your casino account. You cannot obviously transfer funds back to your Ukash voucher so you will have to request your winning to be sent to you another way such as a bank wire or a cheque or even have them sent to any e-wallet you may happen to have.

Pay Safe Card - A Pay Safe Card is identical to the Ukash voucher above and much like Ukash they can be purchased in your local store or shop.

Neteller - Here is another e-wallet type account used by many players, you will also be able to request from them a prepaid Mastercard which is directly linked to your Neteller account which means you can then go out and withdraw your winnings from any ATM or spend money held in your Neteller account at any shop which accepts Mastercard, the fees are not too high and many players prefer using Neteller as withdrawals are quick and it is a highly secure way to send money to and from any live or online casino.

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